This is a playground. Updated from time to time with WIPs and testing of all sorts of stuff.
created some 3D Emojis for a client project, unfortunately they didn't make it into the final design but I still like them so here you go
Quick test of Octanes caustic capabilities when it comes to car shaders. Not too shabby but not easy to set up also. Can't wait for the new Photon Tracer Kernel with 1000x faster caustics and irradiance.
My contributions to the 36daysoftype project.
In 2019 I bought a Sonos Play 1. After staring at it it every day for a week I decided to try and model it in Cinema 4D. I didn't want to use displacement for the mesh since I wanted it as high res as possible and also take it as some sort of modeling practice.
Started out with a simple shape which I then cloned and aligned to a spline to form the outer mesh. I modeled the starting shape n a way I could easily put it in a subdivision surface modifier later to get smoothly beveled edges. It's a little overkill and maybe a bit more computational heavy, but it looks good. The rest of the speaker was quite simple. Maybe after 3 years it's finally time to shade and render it. 
In my early 3D days in 2018, I created this small hommage to Bob's Burgers, a Comedy Cartoon TV-Series. Note that the outro uses a FOX voiceover with a Cartoon Network Logo wrapped in a Comedy Central outro-design to spread maximum confusion.
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